Get to know the power  source of your cells and wIRATherapie!
The prerequisite for all physical and mental activities is the ability to produce cellular energy.
So the optimal provision of energy is the key to increasing physical and mental performance.
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By exercising to increase endurance, we are training our body to assimilate more oxygen and the body's cells
to produce more energy. If too little oxygen is processed, which means that not enough energy is being
produced, we are not able to perform certain physical and mental activities effectively.

Health care disburses itself also for enterprises
look after your heart...Enterprises according to a study can profit if they worry promptly about the health of their coworkers: "Enterprises receive three for each euro, which they spend on prevention measures, back".
For the study with 30 international companies were analyzed and about half of the asked enterprises invested into internal prevention programs. In view of the high net yield, which health investments bring, this ratio is however amazingly low.
The increasing prosperity in the industry and developing countries will lead in the coming years to a dramatic rise of chronic illnesses. The study comes to the result that due to the serious consequences, enterprises must take more responsibility for the health of their coworkers in the future.
The study puts the following advantages out of the operational health care:

  • Reduction of the costs by time absent
  • Reduction of the costs by the durable impairment of the employee efficiency
  • Increase of the attractiveness of the employer by the health commitment of the enterprise

The last point is important from demographic view, since in the future the employers will fight for the few specialists!
VIPSolution®: A healthy investment in the next ten years for your employees.

Exercise and relaxation
Seminars, meetings and conferences need breaks. We offer possibilities for short breaks to relax the mind and body and to mobilize fresh thoughts. If you exercise and relaxation before, during or want to schedule for your seminar for your group, then VIPSolution, a beautiful life with long breath.

Many of the services in a single system (check-up in 10 minutes)
With the Excellence Health Station, we have developed a technical innovation, which offers companies a competitive advantage. (VIP SOLUTION)

wIRA® water-filtered infrared-A with positive effects on fat loss.
SPA: La ExcelenciaScientists Frank Moeckel, Gerd Hoffmann, Roy Upper Müller, Wolfgang Drobnik and Gerd Schmitz investigated whether a specific irradiation with infrared light (more precisely, water-filtered infrared-A = wIRA®) has fat-reducing effects. The study was based on 40 obese women split into two groups (with and without wIRA® application). The results provide a clear picture. The sum of the circumferences (waist, hips, thighs) decreased in the exposed women even more strongly, by 7 inches compared to women who exercised only on the exercise bike, received no irradiation, and only showed a reduction of 1.8 centimeters. A revolutionary concept for fat loss in "problem areas".

A specially designed combination of exercise, diet (EhrlichBio or Bio Forge®) and wIRA® treatment proves to be the most effective method without surgery the fat in problem areas specifically and permanently dismantle! With the help of water-filtered infrared-A light waves (wIRA therapy) your fat tissue at the  problem areas is locally heated and thus creates increased metabolism in adipose tissue. That this treatment can significantly improve your skin (cellulite, blemishes, etc.), mentioned with the margin. With the help of water-filtered infrared-A light waves (wIRA therapy) the fat cover of your problem areas is locally heated, thereby aiding the metabolism in the adipose tissue. Professional body fat reduction through sports and nutritional supplements. Fat loss in problem areas is now possible!

Our Body-Fat-Analyzer
summarizes various preventive medical parameters in a single unit:
metabolic profile, body fat and fat-free mass, and evaluation of lifestyle. You get - with little effort - a complex overview of important parameters as a basis for preventive medical advice of your employees. You decide for VIPSolution because you have your seven senses together and everyone enjoys our VIP offer on the seventh day free.

If you are 18 or older, this full range of medical consultations and specialized treatments and therapies will help you fight early ageing symptoms and achieve rebalancing and rejuvenation. (Incl. Full board and Dietetics)